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Web3 token gating infrastructure for developers

Streamline your Web3 development process even further with Whal3s. Create token gates with ease and without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

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Token gating API

With the Whal3s API you can manage token gates including their usage data with only one request. Think of a headless token gating cms.

“Development teams can focus all their energy on the unique selling point, and cut the undifferentiated work.”

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Whal3s api screen

Whal3s App

You don't want to use the API to manage your token gates? No problem. With the Whal3s app you can easily manage your token gates and see all analytics directly.

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The whal3s.js JavaScript library, written for any stack, makes implementing Whal3s as easy as possible. Ship token gated experiences in minutes.

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